Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audiobook

Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audiobook (Wings of Fire, Book 11)

Tui T. Sutherland - The Lost Continent Audio Book Free
The Lost Continent Audiobook Download

This is the l lth book in the Wings of Fire series as well as begins a new storyline on a new continent we have never ever seen prior to. Although some of the tale aspects are extremely similar to previous publications, I did actually take pleasure in meeting new personalities and exploring both entire new types of dragons as well as an entire new landscape. I remain to read these generally because my child reads this collection as well as likes to discuss it with me; nonetheless I actually truly appreciated this book!

This publication begins with an innovator featuring Clearwater and also her trip across the seas to a new continent of Dragons. The new continent is called Pantala. There are brand-new kinds of dragons on Pantal including HiveWings, LeafWings, as well as SilkWings. After this innovator we journey many centuries into the future where a SilkWing named Blue is planning for his Transformation together with his sibling Luna.

This publication presents a whole bunch of new dragon kinds as well as some great brand-new fun characters. I liked Blue with his quiet tentativeness and Cricket with her non-traditional HiveWing views.

All the characters in right here are a great deal of fun. The Lost Continent Audiobook Free. The new globe is interesting also. There was a great deal of experience, some awesome battle scenes, and also great deals of new and interesting dragon-abilities and politics.

Overall this was a fun as well as fast read that I appreciated a lot. I really delighted in the brand-new and imaginative setup and also the brand-new kinds of dragons. My child likewise actually enjoyed this book. Sutherland remains to create an interesting experience fantasy series that has a good time characters as well as is very entertaining to check out. Advised to those who appreciate middle quality dream experience featuring dragons. Rereading most definitely made me appreciate the globe of The Lost Continent much more than the first time. The partnership in between the SilkWings and HiveWings is so entirely heartbreaking. Queen Wasp’s use of a pacifistic society is sickening as well as a little also realistic, somehow. SilkWings are elevated with good food and homes as well as education and learning, but they are pushed into breeding programs (absolutely nothing as inhumane as stockrooms or sex slaves, but they are told whom they can be mated with and more), trained for specific jobs and just those work, viewed as 2nd class residents, and also dissension and also “wrongdoing” is dealt with significantly. Youthful SilkWings are taken every academic year to the jail and also required to see what will certainly occur if they are mischievous. SilkWings that mature into flamesilks are tossed right into dark pits and forced to spin their silk as a product for the HiveWings, controlled totally by Queen Wasp. The dank caverns with timed feeding is considered more suitable by its citizens because, as Admiral informs Blue near the end of guide, “there utilized to be chains.”

This very easy manipulation of power by Wasp as well as the devotion of the HiveWings– who unknowingly are pawns to Wasp also– makes her one of one of the most interesting bad guys to day. Every little thing regarding this book makes me think of if Blister had come to be queen of the SandWings in the initial series cycle. This is the collection of “what occurs after the bad queen wins the throne.” I can not wait to see exactly how this plays out over the next four books. I discover the characters to be interesting, intricate– though still requiring advancement– and I want to learn more about Wasp, the war, as well as the geography of the continent. The Lost Continent by Tui Sutherland was just a remarkable read. The brand-new people and also continent, Pantala, were all original and the personalities were fleshed out. I found Danaid and Luna as my 2 preferred personalities. There was a more youthful Foeslayer/ Fatespeaker- like character who, although enjoyable, wasn’t extremely initial. I likewise assumed from the recap that they would certainly ALL be going to Pyhrria, when, actually, just one dragon, who was not the main personality, saw Pyhrria and THAT went to the end of guide. I additionally thought that we would see the primary personality after his metamorphosis, however we didn’t. Furthermore I would certainly’ve suched as to read more concerning what occurred to Clearsight as well as the origin tale of the HiveWings, yet, oh well. I do assume that, completely, my preferred part was the epilogue. Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audio Book Download. I’m probably prejudiced because I reviewed her publication initially out of all the Wings of Fire books, but Moon has always been my preferred personality, so I’m positively thrilled that she’ll be figuring in this collection. I was up at 12 for this book as well as it deserved it! You understand that feeling where you know stuff the personalities don’t becuase you check out the various other publications? Well I had that feeling THE WHOLE TIME. I hate yet enjoy it. Like you want they just knew as well as you are like “Simply take a seat as well as clarify whatever currently!!!” but hten you like need to find out more. A very clever gadget Tui. So I have actually been waiting for this for tooooo long. I got the initial book in the series 5 days after it appeared and also after that I check out every bool as soon as it appeared. I absolutely believed they would certainly be called like Hiveclaws or tails, yet I intend Clearsight would certainly have named them so … Ok so i entirely obtain where Blue is originating from, takong others viewpoint and having a lots of compassion. I used to be like that as a child, crying over those times in a flick where somebodies effort goes to waste. I likewise love the flamesilk idea, like much less powerfu animous dragons. Anyway this was a fantastic book likee all the rest, other than the seawing ones, I didnt like those … no they were great just not aaas excellent as the others. Aanywaaay I love these books sooooooo much