The Girl on the Train Audiobook by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train Audiobook by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the Train Audiobook
The Girl on the Train Audiobook

All aboard. In July of 2013, Rachel Watson is a lady on a locomotive, a.k.a. a lady on a train. She rides the traveler rail to as well as from London daily for job (approximately she says). While on the train, Rachel takes part in hardcore people-watching and conjures up an excellent dream life for one couple she is totally obsessed with. Rachel calls them Jason and also Jess, and the train stops outside their home every early morning.

This gold couple survives on the same road Rachel used to … prior to she failed to get pregnant, started drinking, as well as her other half ripped off on her as well as divorced her. Oops. Not surprising that she intends to pretend somebody available has an ideal life. Hers is far from it.

However this couple isn’t really excellent. Rachel quickly sees Jess smooching a guy who isn’t really her partner, then a few days later, Jess vanishes. Jess and also Jason are really named Megan and Scott. The Girl on the Train Audiobook – Paula Hawkins. When no papers mention the man Megan was having an event with, Rachel chooses to call Scott and tell him that she saw his wife kissing an additional man.

Together, Rachel as well as Scott find out the man’s identification: It’s Dr. Kamal Abdic, Megan’s therapist. Whoa. The medical professional is contacted for wondering about by the police yet he rejects have an affair with Megan. Is he leveling? Scott and also Rachel still suspicious Dr. Abdic, so Rachel mosts likely to him for therapy to see if he acts guilty. He doesn’t act guilty. And he becomes a pretty good specialist too, helping Rachel challenge her alcohol consumption problem and also her amnesia.

Rachel remembers being in the neighborhood the evening Megan went missing out on. The problem is that Rachel was entirely intoxicated as well as does not remember anything past that. She had a blackout in the underpass, so her memory is one big black hole. Rachel’s roommate, Cathy, Rachel’s drinking issue, and gets even angrier at her when she recognizes that Rachel shed her work months back. All those train flights to as well as from London are just her pretending she still has a job. Perhaps she should be relating to tasks as opposed to riding the train.

So why was Rachel comfortably in the neighborhood when Megan went missing out on? Did she have something to do with her loss? Rachel’s memory is entirely passed out; she has no concept.

Rachel at some point keeps in mind something bad taking place in the underpass. Although she does not understand exactly what it was, she remembers her ex-husband, Tom, and also his brand-new other half, Anna, both being there. Rachel is unable to get over her unsuccessful marriage and also commonly bothers Tom as well as Anna, who live a pair houses down from Scott and also Megan. Anna, who was the other woman when Rachel and Tom were wed, dislikes Rachel as well as desires her out of their lives. The Girl on the Train Audiobook Online. She had not been extremely keen on Megan either, who quickly babysat for her and Tom. Wow, points are truly made complex.

When Megan’s body is found hidden in the woods, Scott and also Rachel have a short one-night stand. Quickly Anna tells the cops that Rachel is a creepy determined stalker, as well as word gets to Scott, that is mad at Rachel for being a weird hopeless stalker. Scott, drunk and angry, batters Rachel and locks her in a space. Could he have become angry enough to kill Megan? Would a male in mourning sleep with an additional lady days after his better half is discovered dead?

Rachel is still hopeless to obtain to the bottom of these inquiries. She bumps into a red haired guy on the train that bears in mind Rachel from the evening Megan went missing. By speaking with him, Rachel has the ability to assemble even more details of that evening: Tom wasn’t with Anna that evening– he was with Megan.

Simply when Rachel suspects Tom could have eliminated Megan, Anna locates a secret phone in Tom’s health club bag. The pre-paid cellular phone becomes Megan’s. Why does Tom have her phone? Rachel appears to persuade Anna that Tom is a killer and also to assist Anna and her infant getaway. Yet Anna is not able to deposit her disapproval for Rachel as well as choose her, even though the proof against Tom is placing swiftly.

We recall to the night Megan revealed to Scott that she had an affair. Her therapist had advised her to come clean, and also given her a pleasant kiss after their talk. That’s the kiss Rachel saw and misunderstood. It readies advice, but Scott does not take the news well. He attacks Megan, as well as she leaves, running to Tom …

Back in today, Tom gets home as well as, like the extremely villain he is, exposes everything that happened: He was cheating on Anna with Megan, and also Megan obtained expecting with his baby. Tom asked her to have an abortion, not understanding Megan’s history with babies. When Megan was a young adult, she had a baby, but accidentally eliminated it when she went to sleep in the bathtub. Tom’s idea to have an abortion touched a nerve, and also Megan yelled and screamed at Tom, claiming she would certainly expose their affair.

After the admission, Rachel ranges from Tom, yet he strikes her. She stabs him in the neck with a corkscrew. Angry that Tom existed to her, too, Anna relocates as well as completes the work, benting the curl in further as well as much deeper. The Girl on the Train Audiobook Download. Tom passes away, his lies are exposed by the police, and also everybody lives happily ever after. Well, Rachel seems to be pleased a minimum of. She takes a getaway to gather her thoughts and also think of what she wants following out of her life. After that she takes the train home. Or to the laundromat to get all those blood spots from her apparel. Either destination seems likely.